74 Bellarine Highway Newcomb VIC 3219
Speciality Dentistry
Qualifications BDSc
Areas of Expertise Dentistry
Languages English

Dr Smitha Pawar (Dr Smi)



Dr. Smi is an experienced and compassionate dentist with over 15 years of practice in both private clinics and public health dentistry. With a deep-rooted family tradition of education and learning, Dr. Smi is committed to continuous professional development.

Having grown up in a world immersed in vast medical knowledge, Dr. Smi's natural inclination towards dentistry was fortified by her unwavering dedication to lifelong learning. Specializing in general dentistry, she has a particular interest in endodontics, complex tooth extractions, and cosmetic dentistry. Witnessing her patients' confident smiles after successful treatments is truly gratifying for her.

Dr. Smi remains at the forefront of the field by actively engaging in continuing education, keeping up with the latest advancements in dentistry. This ensures that she can consistently deliver the highest standard of care to her patients.

Beyond her dental profession, Dr. Smi cherishes quality time with her family, including her husband, Amrut, and their two children, Atharv and Sria. She also nurtures other passions such as traveling, gardening, and caring for her indoor plants.

Experience exceptional dental care with Dr. Smi, where expertise, compassion, and a dedication to ongoing education converge to provide optimal oral health and radiant smiles.