Crowns and Bridges by Dr. Smi in Geelong: Restore Your Smile with Confidence

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Crowns and Bridges: Restoring Your Smile, Enhancing Functionality

At Newcomb Dental, we understand the importance of having a complete and healthy smile. Our crowns and bridges treatment offers effective solutions to restore damaged or missing teeth, improving both the aesthetics and functionality of your smile. Discover how our expert dental care can help you regain confidence and enjoy a natural-looking, seamless smile.

Damaged, decayed, or missing teeth can affect your appearance, oral health, and ability to bite and chew properly. Crowns and bridges address these issues by providing durable and aesthetically pleasing restorations.

Crowns are recommended for severely damaged or weakened teeth, while bridges are suitable for replacing one or more missing teeth by anchoring to adjacent natural teeth or dental implants.

Common symptoms that may indicate the need for crowns or bridges include tooth sensitivity, pain, visible cracks or fractures, and gaps in your smile due to missing teeth.

Crowns are custom-made tooth-shaped caps that cover the entire visible portion of a damaged tooth, restoring its shape, strength, and appearance. Bridges are fixed prosthetic devices that replace missing teeth and are anchored to neighboring teeth or implants.

Neglecting damaged or missing teeth can lead to further oral health problems, such as shifting of adjacent teeth, bite misalignment, and potential bone loss in the jaw.

Dr. Smi, our experienced dentist, specializes in crowns and bridges treatments. With meticulous attention to detail, she will ensure precise measurements, natural-looking aesthetics, and a comfortable fit, utilizing advanced materials and techniques.

Crowns and bridges not only restore the appearance of your smile but also improve your ability to bite, chew, and speak properly. These restorations blend seamlessly with your natural teeth, providing long-lasting durability and enhancing your overall oral health.

Regain the full functionality and beauty of your smile with our crowns and bridges treatment. Contact us at 03 5242 8740 or visit our website to schedule a consultation with our dental experts. Let us create a customized treatment plan to restore your smile’s integrity and boost your confidence. Remember, your smile deserves the best care. Call 03 5242 8740 or visit our website now to book your appointment and take the first step towards a complete, healthy smile with our expert crowns and bridges treatment. Experience the transformative power of our dental restorations and enjoy a confident, beautiful smile once again.

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